Delacroix Louisiana

Hook & Reel Fishing Charters

Full Day Fishing Charter
full day fishing charter in delacroix Louisiana

All Day

Our fishing trips run out of Delacroix seven days a week, but reservations can book up far in advance. Full package rates vary depending on the number in your party.

Duck Hunting
duck hunting in the waters of Saint Bernard

All Day

Duck hunting packages are only allowed during certain seasons. Our hunting-only packages have a two-person minimum at $250 per person.

Cast & Blast
a full day of duck hunting and fishing in New Orleans Louisiana

All Day

You can also enjoy our “Cast and Blast” trips when in-season. These start with a morning hunt, followed by a fishing trip in the afternoon.

Captain  Corey Gradwohl fishing in delacroix

Meet the Captain

Corey Gradwohl

Captain Corey Gradwohl was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana. Corey has a passion for outdoors. Whether it is hunting or fishing, he just loves to be out on the water. His interest began at a young age watching his own Dad. His love for the Louisiana pastime has grown stronger over the years. As an adult, Corey took his hobby and turned it into a lifestyle.  He has over 20 years experience on the Louisiana waters and makes sure the ice chest is always full with an abundance of fish before returning to the dock. He enjoys starting the engine up before the sun rises and making sure everyone is having a good time on the Delacroix waters. Corey has been known to give his customers a trip with memories that will last a lifetime. He is always making sure is customers are reeling in the fish, all while laughing and having a fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the trip?

Our trips usually last 5-6 hours

What should I bring?

On your trip you should bring drinks, snacks, sunscreen, hat, and rain coat.

What do we catch/hunt?

Our marsh is loaded with all types of wildlife. You will catch Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Flounder, and Bass. During your hunting trip you will have the chance to harvest Gadwall, Widgeon, Pintail, Green and Blue Wing teal, Shoveler, Scaup, Mallards, and Redhead.

Do I need a fishing/hunting license?

Yes you will need a license. You can look online at Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries or by phone 1-888 765-2602.

What about the Weather?

Bring a raincoat and if it is not a washout 100% chance of rain with lightning we might fish in the light steady rain. However if I see that the weather is dangerous(lightning, strong winds) or we are not able to fish we will gladly reschedule or refund your deposit. The guide will make the call on the weather.

What type of boat will we be on?

We provide the best fishing and hunting boats that are always kept in tip top shape. You will be fishing out of a spacious Haynie 25 magnum powered by a 300hp Mercury. As far as hunting you will be zipping through the shallow marsh in our custom built 18×54 mud boat powered by a 40hp gator-tail.

Louisiana Fishing Wildlife

Louisiana has a long list of wildlife living throughout the swamps and marshes. At Hook & Reel Charters we take pride in living in an area with the opportunity to do what we love. Fish like the largemouth bass are known across the states. It is a common fish that anglers from all over fish for both food and sport. With an olive and green body and dark blotches located along the tail, the bass sticks out over other fish. With the largest weighing an unofficial 25 pounds, the bar is set high if a record is what you’re after. A local favorite is the Gulf Flounder. Being a flatfish, the flounder lays on the bottom of the water with both eyes on the side facing up. Sharp teeth allow for this fish to jump up at prey to make a quick meal out of whatever was swimming above. One of the top fish to catch in Louisiana are Speckled Trout. Here it is commonly referred to as a speck. This fish is actually part of the drum family, and it is on the NOAA top ten fished species in the U.S.A. It isn’t common commercially, but locals love them because of their extremely high reproduction rate that makes for sustainable fun.

Delacroix Fishing Near New Orleans

Fishing has a deep root in our history having been recorded to have been done around 40,000 years ago. While we have fished for survival for many years, fishing for sport is something that has only been taken place more recently. Fishing in Louisiana is just a part of life. It is deeply engrained in our history and culture. Whether you’re from Louisiana and just never had the chance to go out fishing or you’re a traveler passing through, Hook & Reel Charters is happy to create an atmosphere that will make you immediately excited about planning the next trip. Rates do vary depending on number of people.

Delacroix is an island in St. Bernard parish, and it was first developed into a fishing community in the 1820s. By the 1930s the area had become thriving fishing communities. The seafood caught by fisherman in these times supplies New Orleans with the heart of Cajun and Creole cuisine throughout the 1800s and 1900s. Until the 1930s, the only way to get to Delacroix was by boat. Today there is a road that connects the famous fishing area to the mainland part of Louisiana.

Fishing Charter Packages

Fishing Charter trips can be booked any day of the week for your convenience. We use DAIWA rods and reels to for both comfort and performance. Haynie 25 magnum is the brand we trust out on the water to be our vessel of transportation to only the best honey holes in Delacroix.

Duck Hunting Packages

Our hunting packages provide you the opportunity to test your skills hunting in marsh on our 18x54 mud boat that can make it through shallow, weeded waters. We take advantage of opportunities to go home with everything from pintail and widgeon to blue wing teal, mallards, redhead, and gadwall.

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