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Enjoy year-round fishing just outside Delacroix with Hook & Reel Charters. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginning fisher, you’ll find the waters ideal for your perfect catch. Adults and kids are welcome for a family fishing experience. With a boat charter, all you have to worry about is catching the big one. The captain and team can even show you a few tips and tricks to improve your luck. As the premier fishing charter in the New Orleans area, you’re guaranteed a great time and a fish story to tell.

All About New Orleans

Located along the Mississippi River, New Orleans has a rich and unique history. This city was first settled in 1718 by the French, giving it much of the culture it is known for today. The Big Easy, as the city is often referred to, is recognized all over the world for the distinct dialect of the locals, Creole cuisine, and the unique jazz music played along the French Quarter and elsewhere. Mardi Gras is just one of the celebrations held in New Orleans, but it is the most popular with people coming every year from around the world.

The History

While the French were first to colonize New Orleans and Louisiana, the Spanish also recognized the value of this location and gained control in the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The city became an important port for boats transporting supplies up and down the river from the Gulf. Several Native American tribes made this area their home as well, including the Natchez Indians.

Because of the popularity of the ports for boats to deliver goods, New Orleans also developed the slave trade in the 1700’s. The people brought to the area from Africa developed a unique society known as Afro-Creole, which also incorporated a distinct religion known as voodoo.

New Orleans and all of Louisiana became part of the U.S. in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase. After this change, new people came to the area, including Irish, Italians, Germans, and Poles. They brought with them their own beliefs and cultural heritage, which has made the city a unique blend of peoples and traditions.

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Experiencing New Orleans

With such a varied history, there is much to see and do in New Orleans. While most historians head to the French Quarter, it’s also a place for anyone who wants to learn more about the city. Some of the most popular attractions in this historical area include:

  • Jackson Square – A 2.5-acre park, this space sees more than two million people each year.
  • St. Louis Cathedral – This building is the oldest continually-used Roman Catholic church in the US.
  • The Historic New Orleans Collection – This collection includes several homes and buildings from the past with relics and exhibits to tell the story of the city from its early days.

Anytime you’re in New Orleans, you’ll also want to sample some of the local food. With so many cultural groups coming together here, the food has a unique and flavorful taste. Whether you want to sample a po'boy sandwich, try some gumbo or check out the fresh catch of the day, there’s a restaurant beckoning you to sit down and stay a while. From French pastries to Creole cuisine, eating in New Orleans is an experience unlike any you’ve had before.

  • Outdoor dining – Enjoy the tropical climate as you enjoy your meal out in the sunshine at places like Brennan’s or Ralph’s On the Park.
  • Casual dining – No need to get dressed up to enjoy the menu at Pat O’Brien’s Bar or Napoleon House.
  • Coffee shops – Grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy the sights of New Orleans at Café Du Monde or Backatown Coffee Parlour.
  • Romantic restaurants – For something a little more formal, try Commander’s Palace Restaurant or Gautreau’s Restaurant.

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