Plan a Visit to Longue Vue House and Gardens

If you’ve never visited Longue Vue House and Gardens, you should plan a visit for a lesson in local history. This museum is located at 7 Bamboo Road in the Lakewood neighborhood and provides a unique look into the past.

The History of Longue Vue

The house is the former home of Edgar Stern and his wife, Edith Rosenwald Stern. Edith was the daughter of the founder of Sears. The first house on the site was built in 1924, and the gardens began that same year. Ten years later, an architect began working with the Sterns on additions and changes to the gardens when it was decided that the house needed to be moved.

The first house was moved to a new location, and a new home erected on the spot in 1939. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991, and in 2005, it was named as a National Historic Landmark.

The gardens were designed by Edith Biddle Shipman, who was the Dean of American Women Landscape Architects. This location is one of the only displays of her talent where she was in charge of the complete design. The second and current home was built by brothers William and Geoffrey Platt. Ironically, the father of the Platts was a mentor to Shipman in her early days.

The design is unique with four different appearances on the sides of the house as each side has its own garden. There are 20 rooms built on three stories each containing the original furnishings from the Sterns.

Visiting Longue Vue

The museum is located along the western side of the city where it is hidden among trees and just past cemeteries. The home was built in the Classical Revival style and sits on eight acres.

One of the most breathtaking aspects of this museum is the rectangular pool which includes fountains that shoot water upward in an arch. Many of the gardens designed by Shipman are either as they were originally designed or have been restored to the original plans.

Visitors will want to pick up a map to guide them along a network of garden paths. They will enjoy colorful flowers with something that blooms in every season.

Once you are inside this magnificent home, you’ll notice a variety of antiques and wall coverings. Both Oriental and French carpets adorn the floors while needlework enhances the décor. There is also an antique pottery collection along with various art pieces.

The stairway is adorned by white columns which you will climb as you visit the bedrooms of the estate. In one room, you will see a collection of memorabilia, including the early plans for the property.

While the museum will certainly appeal to adults interested in history, architecture, and flora, the Discovery Gardens is enticing for kids. They can learn and have fun through the interactive displays. The house is also open for meetings and parties as a rental.

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