Grilled Shrimp and Blue Crab with Captain Corey Gradwohl

If you like eating or fishing in New Orleans and the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, you’re going to want to learn more about how to fix and enjoy grilled shrimp and blue crab. You want to enjoy your catch with the best recipes and ingredients for a mouth-watering experience.

Try Some Cajun Grilled Shrimp

If you are anxious for a true taste of the south, Cajun is the way to go. Make this spicy shrimp on the grill while hanging out with some friends. Throw on a few peppers and onions for a delicious entrée or add it to a salad.

Start out by making a marinade with Cajun seasoning and lime juice to add some kick. Honey is also delicious because it combines sweet and spicy. You don’t have to marinade your shrimp too long to get the flavor soaked in. Just let it set while you get the grill going and start other meal prep work. Don’t forget to add the Cajun seasoning to the peppers and onions or other vegetables you plan to serve.

Make shrimp skewers and cook each one for just a few minutes per side. The veggies will take a little longer to cook, so put them on the grill first. Serve with potatoes, rice or other sides for a complete meal that only take a few minutes.

Grill Your Blue Crabs

There’s nothing quite like cooking over a grill to get the smoky flavor that will make you the hit of any dinner party. While you might think about hot dogs, brats, or even steaks, you should also consider blue crabs for grilling as well. Seafood doesn’t take long on the grill, and in about 20 minutes, you’ll have a delicious meal that will have everyone raving.

Just like with the shrimp, you’ll want to include Cajun seasoning in your recipe. To make the crabs even more tasty, pour a can or glass of your favorite lager over them. Let the crabs cook for about ten minutes per side. Once you remove them from the grill, they will be easy to crack open.

You start with the cleaned side of the crab facing down. Once you turn them, they create a small bowl, which is where you put the seasoning and beer. The beer will begin to boil, which means it is steaming the crab. Serve it with butter to dip and add vegetables, some rice, or a steak to create a surf-n-turf meal.

Seafood is a way of life in New Orleans, whether it is catching it, cooking it or eating it. From freshwater fish to shrimp and clams, you’ll find something on the menu in nearly every restaurant. Try one of these ideas to make your own seafood at home just as spectacular as what the chefs do in the finest eatery.

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