Hook & Reel Fishing Charter The Presbytere

The Presbytere is located adjacent to the St. Louis Cathedral, facing Jackson Square. The Cabildo sits on the opposite side of the cathedral and mirrors the Presbytere in style and architecture. The original name of the Presbytere was Casa Curial (Ecclesiastical House) as it was constructed on the site of the residence of the Capuchin monks.

Over the years, the structure has served many commercial purposes, including the courthouse from 1834 until 1911. It is currently showcased as a feature venue in the Louisiana State Museum, housing a massive collection of Mardi Gras artifacts and memorabilia. The exhibit follows this celebration's path from its ancient origins in the 19th century to today's festival that attracts millions of guests to new Orleans and the surrounding region.

The Story Of New Orleans

When visiting the French Quarter, there is no better way to get a feel for this legendary area's history than a visit to Jackson Square. In a small two-mile area, guests can experience a taste of all that the region offers and see how the past has formed what is now a top tourist destination of the country.

The St. Louis Cathedral, The Presbytere, and the Cabildo create a stunning image as you view these stately old structures. Each a blend of old and new, they show the transition from the 1700s to the modern skyline. In just a few more steps, guests enter the Louisiana State Museum to better appreciate the neighborhood and the culture that is so vivid and prominent in the area.

A Taste Of The French Quarter

No trip to NOLA is complete without gumbo. The Gumbo Shop is here to serve you. Or take a stroll over to Tableau for some classic Creole dishes, including a daily brunch with a live brass band on the weekends. After a great meal, shopping is the perfect way to work your way around the square and take in this famous area. And be sure to leave time to stop at the Voodoo Bone Lady Voodoo shop to learn more about this exciting facet of NOLA's history.

Something For The Children

The Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum offers the perfect opportunity to share this historical venue with children. The museum provides details about life in the area before Katrina and how the community has come together to rebuild and honor all of the charm and history steeped in the blocks known as the Ninth Ward. Unlike many museums, this venue is child and family-friendly. And the experience is always free of charge for all interested in seeing examples and hearing stories about real life in this area of the country.

Any visit to New Orleans must include a tour of the historical sites and features of the area. Seeing the resilience of the community, the structures, and the spirit of the area is essential. Guests will leave with a sense of understanding, appreciation, and affection for this ever-popular area known as NOLA.

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